Contraption Zack

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Reflex oriented

Action, Puzzle , innovation and fun

The game is one of those very first games that have been able to give users a great combination of action, physical puzzles and adventure elements. The plot of this game is very simple where you will join the adventure of Zack who is basically a mechanic and needs to solve various puzzles and go through various traps and paths. To counter his way through passes and traps, Zack will have to fix different traps and objects through the vast variety of tools that he possesses. The use of these tells have been made quite realistic so that you can easily make out how to use a specific tool for a specific. The tools can also be used for more than one purpose and will depend on how you solve the puzzle. At every level you will counter different challenges and the graphics to support them as they are very clear and well defined in isometric view. The pop up animations will help you along the path and with every accomplishment, you will advance on to the next level or puzzle. The game is good enough considering that it is one of the true pioneers to bring such innovation. It reminds us of the classic game Chip's Challenge which is also a fine game.

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