Puzzle 1992 Dos Kingsoft Reflex oriented

The brother of Bomberman, just as aggressive!

Bugbomber is a Dyna or Bomberman like game; you are an aficionado bomber looking to destroy all the critters that lurk about in each and every of the maze like levels of the game. Yes, they are many, but you have bombs! The bombs can be planted anywhere you like, however, make sure you can get out of their reach before they explode, because, unfortunately, you are not immune to their blast either. But, thankfully, again, like in Bomberman, the levels consist of squares, some destructible, some that are permanent, and if you can always use them to shield yourself form the explosions. Plus, some of the destructible bricks hide powerups, bombs that can be triggered at a distance, some additional time, and some additional lives too. Graphically, compared to Dyna, one of the best clones of the game, this one is a little poorer, but by no means an ugly game. So, if you like 8bit looking games, you can be pretty sure that Bugbomber will be to your liking. Download it, if you haven't already, and you'll have a lot of fun with it, yo9u can be sure of that.

Simple but really addictive action

It is a simple but very addictive action game which has a fictitious plot and fun gameplay. The plot is that the circuit of a computer has been infected with a lot of bugs and your mission is to destroy the bugs. Now the fun element here is the gameplay. You will have different weapons to destroy these folks and includes mines, bombs, blockades and hatchlings. The gameplay is very much like Dynablaster but it is different in the sense that you have multiple ways to kills the enemies which was something that was lacking in that game. You have to be very careful in the method or the weapon that you select to kill the bugs. Especially when you use the blockades, make sure you do not get yourself stuck. The level designs have been made with a lot of creativity and you do not see the elements repeating at any level. The graphics are perfect with the theme as it is not a very diverse game but still it has a fair deal of variety. It features both single player and multi-player mode and there are lot of items to collect while you kill the enemies. Well addictive is the word for it and the same can be said about Kiloblaster which has very much a similar gameplay.

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