Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Ronny Wester Military

Top down shooter with good mechanics

This game looks a lot as if it were a DOS version of the NES famed Die Hard shooter. This means that you will be treated with a top down view of each level, with a fog of war system that only allows you to see what is directly in front of you and also, with a good assortment of maze like levels and many secrets scattered through each level. While the main goal is survival, you will combine shooting with exploration as well as the finding of keys and ammunition to keep yourself ready for another fight. Unlike Die Hard on the NES, this game doesn't spawn enemies at you egregiously, so it isn't half as frustrating, but the fact that you only see as much as your character would see is a bit frustrating. Not so much because of not knowing where to expect a new enemy but for the constant flicker of black and drawn, which can even conduce you towards a headache if you play for too long. At any rate, if you can learn to not mind this gimmick, the game will prove a sturdy, fun packed shooter with really good enemy placement as well as good overall mechanics. An underrated classic that is sure worth a revisit.

C-Dogs arcade

CDOGS is the best old shoot-em-up out there. Totally fun, totally time consuming it's simple and pure joy. Choose your hero (cosmetic choice only) purchase weapons, armor and lives and go in 3 campains with multiple levels each allows loads of fun. Random maps for each campain, mission objectives remain the same though. This is an excellent game to play while listening to rock, rap or any other mindless form of music.

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