Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight Unconventional War Shooter Action Puzzle Adventure

Dark theme railshooter with third person puzzle bits

I'll start with this game's issues first, which have to do with its difficulty level, which was by no means very well calculated. The game was rather hard, from the very beginning towards the end, but that was by no means a bad thing for it, because if you endured you got treated to a side dish of really nice and unexpected portion of adventure gaming. The game put you in this dark future world, where a disaster had left the people scouring for resources. A dark and well produced post apocalyptic world which is sure to draw you in too, as it has that cyberpunk feel to it, especially in how it is delivered in the game, in both of its phases. Another cool thing about the game was that it had, in the adventure/puzzle bits, hacking minigames, which furthermore enhanced the experience you could have with this game here. So, yeah, a game doomed by its own inability to put on a show that increased less steeply in difficulty, but nonetheless, if you're a sharp shooter you won't see it as a problem but as a challenge. So try it, and see the sequel as well, which while hard, was not as hard as this one.

A cool combo of action and adventure

In its gameplay, Cyberia is a typical rail shooter game. Made in the distant 1994, this game is one of the first that mixes a first person shooting game with a third person exploring and puzzle solving one. Much better than its sequel, Cyberia 2, this game has plenty of things to do - infiltrate the Cyberia, find out it's secrets, not to get caught and leave with your head still on your shoulders. It's not just about shooting - you have to walk around and explore, solve puzzles and use your brain a bit, too. The shooting part of the game is pretty automatic - the game navigates you and you just use your cursor to point and shoot enemies. There are a LOT of them coming at you, so you have to be sharp and quick. While not perfect, the game can pride itself with very nice graphics and smooth animation, as well as great sound effects. The textures in the game are very nice, do you don't feel like flying over a blue plate, but the sea. Overall, I found this game interesting, challenging, fun and full of action. That means I liked it, and I hope that you will, too.

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