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Great simulation, great overall polish

EF2000 offers a really well put together aerial warfare simulation, meaty, well polished in terms of controls and in the amount of detail that the aircrafts as well as the mission get overall. The game, also known as Eurofighter 2000. Really gets a lot of things right. It sure isn't a casual thing, you have to really sink the time in to actually get what it is serving. Also, if you don't have a gamepad with thumbsticks or a good joystick, don't even bother, this game won't be playable. Also, graphically, EF2000 really knows what is going on, is a game that really knows how to sell itself. Both the cockpit view as well as the external views are all great, but of course, for maximum simulation satisfaction, playing it from the inside of the cockpit is the way to go. Problems? Not really, none to really get hinged upon. You have to understand though, that flying too close to the ground won't really offer you the most high quality vistas around, so that has to be kept in mind when playing it. Otherwise, it's the best fighter game with planes that I've experienced in quite a while, one that can still be thrilling for lovers of modern aerial combat. Alternatively, see Terminal Velocity, a game that is similar to this one, though maybe a bit more casual, more on the arcade side.


EF2000 is a combat flight simulator game developed by Digital Image Design and published by Ocean Software. It is a sequel to the Ocean earlier software title, TFX. While it is a combat flight simulation game, there are five game modes: quick combat, simulator(free flight mode), training, multiplayer and campaign. Whenever you fly in an aircraft, you can visualise all sorts of information, like the fuel, map, altitude etc. Whenever you have enemy aircraft in sight, you're always notified, but the voice over is bad...

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