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Cyberpunk brawler beat em up, not without merit

Cyberlaw is a bit on the lite side in terms of the kind of left to right recipe it conveys. It's roots go deep into Golden Axe territory, but it creates a different kind of world, a futuristic, cyberpunk robotic/human augmented one. Still, the gameplay is as vanilla as you'd want it: you move left to right and you smash brawler style everything that comes your way. How enticing that proposition is will have to do with your way of looking at the game mechanics: if you love brawlers that don't go out of their way to present you with additional content/ideas, Cyberlaw will prove pretty alright. Other than that, I dunno, it can feel a bit empty inside... The game looks a bit on the lite side of cyberpunk; metallic structures, glass and steel, the robotic fighters, nothing too fancy or original. Still, it's not a bad looking game, it's just not that original or looking to create something with more personality. It's just happy to offer you what it is offering and that's about it. Still, Cyberlaw can be pretty damn enticing after you've had a taster, you know, that dumb but inescapable type of gameplay that just sinks with you... Play it only if you really love brawlers and beat em ups, otherwise it's not really some revelation.

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