Die Hard Trilogy

Action 1996 Windows Fox Interactive Gangster Car and action

Yippee ki-yay!

If you are a 'die-hard' fan of the legendary movie trilogy, then this three-in-one package offers a good set of action thrills, and should be part of your collection alongside the original Die Hard and Die Hard 2, but for everyone else it's likely to be a bit too ordinary to be worth bothering with. The package includes three individual games, each of which is based on one of the movies, with the first playing out as a third person action/adventure through Nakatomi Plaza, with you in control of wise cracking cop John McClane as he tries to rescue hostages from terrorists. The second game is a first person arcade shooter, like Virtua Cop, where you blast your way through Dulles Airport, taking out more terrorists, and the third is more of a racer, where you drive through New York in search of bombs to defuse before they take out innocent citizens. There's no denying there's a decent amount of variety on offer here, with three distinct game styles that each offer a very different experience, but which all feel well connected. There's a cool sense of over-the-top about the action, with a lot of blood and some grim humor on display here. The visuals haven't dated that well, showing their early PlayStation roots with some ugly characters and environments, and they lack much in the way of charm. The first two games are probably the best, with the second being the most enjoyable, but even this gets boring fairly quickly due to a lack of variety, while the third suffers from having very awkward controls. Overall though, this is a solid if unmemorable package.

3 great action games in one

This game is a packet of 3 Die Hard games which have their own fan base as they made a great impact when they were released separately. So what you are getting here is more of a facility then something new. All the three games have been incorporated in one and you will play them separately. For those who haven't played any of the games in the series, this one is surely a great opportunity for them because they can get all the action in one game. It involves a third person shooter game, a rails shooter and a taxi cab joyride. All the games involve different missions where you have to counter terrorists and criminals to protect refuges, people and to save the city from chaos. In terms of the action, the game is the forefront of the thrilling action that we saw in the Die Hard movie. The animations and the action sequences in the game are a result of some great graphics and the gameplay is as smooth as an action game lover would prefer. They have also added some good weaponry in all the three games and the music is also hardcore action based. The game is probably near to the likes of GTA: Grand Theft Auto.

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