Action 1996 Windows Goldtree Enterprises Science Fiction Arcade style

Beautiful cyberpunk racer; lots of options

Cylindrix is a feature complete racer, in a cool, cyberpunk world, where the racers, the backgrounds produced in three dimensions and with many different tracks, is really beautiful to sink into. So you start by picking the exact kind of ship you'd like to play within, and then you go on and you pick the track. Also, adding a lot more gameplay to your runs, you also have to shoot down the other racers, with colorful bullets and lasers. But be weary, the same treatment will expect you from the road participants, so better be prepared for some extra fast dodging maneuvers! Other than that, with Cylindrix you will have a lot of fun, in a retro futuristic setting, which looks like Tron and will definitely be really satisfying for those that love this kind of look. And, the controls, and the ships you can race with, all look beautifully, which is just what you want from a game like this. Similarly, you might like Cyber Dome, for when instead of racing you'd much rather just fly in a similarly cyberpunk space!

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