Mars Taxi

Action 1997 Windows hemming Science Fiction Arcade style

Very addictive and fun ride

It is an arcade style action game with a fictional theme and a very exciting one as well. You will play the role of a taxi driver but believe me that you won't be driving on a road but flying in space from one planet to another taking passengers. You don't just have to make the passengers reach their destiny but also have to satisfy them so that you get a good amount of money. You need to make money so that you can continue your space taxi and can refuel it on a regular basis. In case you do not keep the fuel to a desired level, your taxi may very well crash. The game is not about a diverse range of missions but you will have to avoid the obstacles which will come in the way of your driving. Black holes, stones and other obstacles will be your opponent and you also need to land the taxi safely so that the passengers do not get pissed off. The gravity effect is not intact here and so it can be tough sometime to land optimally. The graphics in the game are good and the level designs are very unique. Similarly the A1 is really competitive and the game gets addictive and addictive as you play it. Thrust is the other game which can really give you a thrilling ride.

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