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Remake of the eponymous Atari adventure

During the heydays of Atari, a game was designated as an adventure for a number of reasons, that kind of are insufficient today to designate the same type of gameplay. Thus, while I call this game an adventure, what it actually is, is an amalgam of simple puzzles and of intermediary sequences that kind of hold the entire experience together. So, how does it play then? Well, the main mechanic of Bolo is that of shooting balls, as in the Bubble Ghost game or some other clones of that concept. In fact, Bolo might be the originator of this type of timewaster, but that might not be it, who knows! At any rate, you control Bolo who shoots pellets out of his mouth. The pellets are colored diversely (addition that didn't make it in the original) and when 3 balls of the same color are united, they implode, leaving you the space to clear the other balls that remain. The game has 50 levels, each with a unique background as well as some foreground (destroyable or non destroyable)elements and so you can play this as much as you want, there's going to be enough novel settings to be seen until you have enough of it!

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