The X-Files Game

Adventure 1998 Windows Fox Interactive Mystery Movie style Crime investigation

The truth is out there

The X-Files TV show seems like a perfect fit for a good old-fashioned adventure game, and like other shows such as L.A. Law, this title actually does a good job of recreating the appeal of its source material. This one takes the show's mix of conspiracy theories, aliens and weird goings-on, and combines them into a fascinating interactive adventure that really makes the player feel as though they are part of the FBI. The story here places you in the role of an agent who has been tasked with tracking down agents Mulder and Scully, both of whom have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. You have to grab all the necessary gear then head out into the field to question witnesses and gather evidence which will lead you to their location, but this being the X-Files, don't expect an everyday investigation. The game includes multiple options for when you're questioning people while there are also several different endings to be seen, and which are directly affected by your choices made throughout your investigation. There's no denying that this really nails the TV show's atmosphere and look, with its use of real footage and actors that help bring the game to life, with many of the best known characters recreating their roles here. The gameplay is a generally interesting mix of questioning and investigation that remains compelling despite its relative simplicity. The storyline here starts out mundane enough but eventually reaches the levels of mystery and intrigue that you would expect from the show, and proves highly satisfying. Perhaps not one to try if you're not a fan of the show, but if you are, this needs to be played.

I want to believe

This is one of those games that are not really games, but an interactive movie, where you watch video sequences and from time to time click on offered responses or answers (Much like in the game/movie In the 1st Degree). This game (or should we say movie) is based on the hugely popular TV show of the nineties, the X-files. You play the FBI agent Craig Willmore who is in charge of the investigation of the dissappearance of the two heroes of the show, Mulder and Scully. Well, as much as it seems like you are just watching a movie and clicking stuff, you actually have the freedom to change a lot of things, including the relationship with Mary. You get to interract with all the star crew of the X-Files - Dana, Fox, Skinner, and if you choose wisely, you even get to meet the Smoking man! Fans will go bananas about this game, as they will fulfill their dream of talking to characters who are now legends. The game truly is cool and fun, and since I am an X-Files fan myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Go ahead and have a try and maybe check out the game's sequel, The X-Files : Resist or Serve.

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