Urban Runner

Adventure 1996 Windows Sierra On-Line Mystery Movie style Crime investigation

Mistakenly accused of murder and drug deals, you must run!

Urban Runner is a turn of the century adventure game, with a very complex story involving you, a journalist in Paris. In your quest to uncover the truth behind a drug dealing criminal organization you will enter into cahoots with this interloper, offering him some information (a picture) in exchange for info on the drug operation. However, after you go to meet him at the place where you agreed, you will find the interloper dead, and you'll be the one having to run away, since it is believed that it was you that killed him, to take his drugs. From there, it's a soap opera level betrayal, conspiracy, political intrigue and lots more kind of story, with a good deal of puzzles and also with action elements. The graphics are something that you might like or hate from the first moment, since they are all about real world actors caught on camera and then used in the game scenery. It looks... gimmicky, sure, but it's one of those CD Rom games that were popular in the mid 90s. Give it a go and download Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon too, a similar style and story adventure game from the same period.

A murder, a lover, and drugs - perfect thriller movie

Much like in the games X-Files and In the 1st degree, this is more of an interactive movie than a real game - a point and click adventure game with real live actors and live videos, going for more than three hours and spanning on 4CDs, which was really a lot back then. While playing, you honestly feel like you're in the movie itself and talking to the people in real life, the game is very realistic in that matter. You are Max, an American journalist in Paris, investigating a story about a big drug dealer who is covered by some influential politician When Max arrives at the meeting point, the drug lord is dead and Max is mistaken for the killer and then starts the chase. And, as always, there is a beautiful woman involved. The game involves a lot of puzzles that are pretty challenging and should you have any problems, the game begins with three Jokers that give you hints and help you find your way. The story is interesting enough and the acting is decently done. This is a nice crime story with mystery, a perfect genre cliche. If you like interactive movies, you should definitely try the game out.

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