Apache Air Assault

Simulation 2003 Windows Activision Flight Shooter

If you really want to engage in massive assaults with your heli

Apache Air Assault is a flight simulation game where you control the AH-64 helicopter. This game is a direct competitor to another helicopter simulator. Your "primary attack helicopter in the U.S. Arsenal" is equipped with 3 different types of weapons (missiles, automatic cannons and rockets). The story presents a terrorist organization named "The Solar Martyrs", that becomes dangerous as it possesses nuclear weapons and starts attacking Banhar, a small country where it has hidden. The missions will become harder and harder, and you will be alarmed at some point by the sudden increase of the difficulty level. With your AH-64, you will destroy vehicles and enemy units. The saving system of your progress is not permitted, and this means that if you fail or die, the level is restarted all over again. The presentation of your helicopter model is truly detailed, but the other elements that represent the graphics and the general environment are poorly elaborated. Your success achieved at the end of each mission is calculated in points. I found the AI a bit mediocre, as I wasn't contented by the reactions, that were supposed to be different in a state of war, in my vision. Unfortunately, a multiplayer mode doesn't exist, and this could have been improved some of the unsatisfactory aspects found by the flight simulator lovers. But, if you really want to engage in massive assaults with your helicopter, play it!

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