WarBirds III

Simulation 2002 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive World Wars Shooter Historical Military flight

WWII flight sim with a strong multiplayer portion

The third game in the Warbirds series offers you a great many planes of the main powers that fought in the conflict. That is Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany and USA. The single player campaign is not as well constructed as in some other games, say, Hunt for the Red Baron but the game makes up for its slim single player campaign by offering you the tools to create your own multiplayer missions, cooperative or vs. Also, an interesting addition is that the game also lets you drive ground vehicles, tanks and some other wheel based vehicles, though their implementation is more of a flavor type one, rather than being the one to take center stage in the game. WarBirds III is a good looking game, graphically, with really nice ground views (the textures are quite varied and detailed, though altitudes are not as well simulated). Coupled with the simple mission editor for your multiplayer games, this is the kind of sim that allows you to create your own experience, so that can be looked upon as a perk or ot can be considered a disadvantage, depending on how fast you want to get into the action. But overall, the game is worth a visit if, say you grow a bit weary of IL2 Sturmovik and want a game that lets you design your own multiplayer missions.

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