Dark Fall

Adventure 2002 Windows Akella Horror First person Action Fpp Detective mystery

A short adventure game

Unlike in many other adventure games, in Silver Fall you won't see any characters at all. But there is a reason, actually. The game sends you in year 1940 to an English town, in which the people are missing, but their ghosts are present. Silver Fall bring nothing new. It's a puzzle based game with an interesting detailed world, with a paranormal based story that keeps the action entertaining. The game begins with a phone from your brother. It seems the world wants to isolate that city by closing the train stations and the tourists disappeared or left the area. You brother also said that some students are interested in that area. The came there with surveillance equipment and they want to hunt ghosts. When you arrive at the station, you are welcomed by a boy's voice, so you realize that the ghosts aren't just a myth. Beside that, your brother is also missing! And now you've just started the adventure of revealing the secrets of that city. The bad thing is that you will spend the most of the time exploring the hotel. Because of the high amount of written puzzles, computer notes and other letters from and about missing persons, the game looks like a book rather than a game. The game is very easy, the classic type of adventure game. If you can go to another location the cursor turns into an arrow, if you can watch closely at something the cursor will turn into a magnifying glass and so on. This game's resolution is limited to 640x480, unfortunately. Beside that, the game's sound is it's biggest weak-point. Ghost voices and effects are very poor created. It doesn't help at all the game. Silver Fall lacks exotic places and is very short! Just the fans of adventure and paranormal games might like this one.

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