Dark Heart of Uukrul

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Digital Studios Limited Fantasy First person

Tried to be original but, overall RPG experience flat

Dark heart of Uukrul is a very weird game, one that on one hand offers you very novel puzzle sections, as if it is trying to be a full on adventure game. However, the meat and bone of the game, the RPG portion is really lacking, when not completely broken. Now, I know, you can and should only ask so much from an 89 released game, but, really, this one simply doesn't allow you to sink in and enjoy the experience. It is rather limited in spectrum to begin with, as a sort of top down dungeon crawler, but the game never seems to settle to no grove, to be consistent. At any rate, I feel that from graphics to environments design (mostly dungeons) a lot more could have been achieved. The story is also a belched clash of elements that I could not really get a hold of, sort of playing with classical tropes, wizards, monsters, fighters and all that. So, what can I say, I find it hard to see who would enjoy this game. At closer scrutiny, it seems like the developers were trying to aim high, putting more emphasis on puzzle solving and other novel gameplay mechanics, but, really, when the core mechanic is broken, it doesn't matter what you put on the sides, as the main dish is not palatable/interesting enough. So there you go, another classic which, with a bit more polish could have achieved something more than it does.

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