Wizard Wars

RPG 1988 Dos Paragon Software Fantasy First person

Wizards only RPG clash

If you've ever stumbled upon the oldie RPG Alien Fires 2199 AD, then this game here, at least in the abstract might feel like the very same kind of deal. A game that plays great, feels great and generally feels like a very cool kind of RPG, with a clear cut focus on wizards and magic. There are of course other elements to the game, but the wizard portion is the best one, the one that feels the best and also that plays the best. The game is a sort of creature battlegrounds as well: it has about 50 creatures in it and lots of realms to go about. It's a very early game in terms of the way it looks and the way you interact with it, but that doesn't keep it away from allowing you to interact with it. Still, it is a game that feel rather stifling, in that it could have offered a more user friendly experience, but, overall, that which is on offer is great, like a sort of adventure oriented RPG, like not the most serious RPG out there. So, yeah graphically it's below the average of the late 80s, when this game was released. Naturally, it has a few stages that make up for the lesser ones It has for instance a few mazes that are kind of atrociously bad, but most of the game is generally alright.

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