Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back

RPG 1989 Dos FTL Games Fantasy First person

The return of the best RPG ever

This game is the great sequel to the award winning RPG classic Dungeon Master, and the game picks up where the last left off perfectly, in all its awesomeness and beauty. When the original game came out, it won awards for the great graphic and design, and this game looks and sounds the same as the one before. You have much more freedom in the game, choosing your path instead being on a specific one, the puzzles are even more challenging and complex than last time, and you can even import a character from a Dungeon Master save if you don't like the offered characters to play. The game is unfortunately a bit smaller than the original (only 10 levels instead of the 14 in DM), but that is compensated by a much harder gameplay. If you loved Dungeon Master, you will also be crazy about this one. So get ready to loose sleep, to eat in front your pc and to spend countless hours playing this fantastic RPG game. And when you're finished with this one, go to the next games in the series - Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest, Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep and Dungeon Master Nexus.

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