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Golden Box first person roleplayer; classic and playable

Bloodwych is not very original an RPG, but it's nonetheless playable and well realized, with a whole bunch of elements that just keep on adding to it, giving you a proper adventure. The story involves this land of Trazere, where the local Grand Dragon has a bone to pick with the organization of the mages. Therefore, Bloodwych has all the staples of full on over the top fantasy, similar to what many other games of the same build were doing in the hey day of the Golden Box styled RPG. And, since I'm mentioning it, the cool thing about the graphics of the game is that it is not austere; the levels abound in details, some that are gameplay changing and shifting, some that are less so. So, overall, Bloodwych plays nicely, has a beautiful build, and gives you all that you need to be entertained. Plus, you've got all the necessary classes, the warriors, the mages, the adventurer and the thief, and so you don't need to play in one single style, you can choose something that gives you your desired outlook into the game. So, if you love Eye of the Beholder, then you will definitely find this one similar and likeable, so don't avoid it.

Lacks of diversity, but it creates a presentable atmosphere

Bloodwych is a fantasy role-playing game released in 1989 by Image Works. Its style is similar to Eye of the Beholder with a first-person perspective view. The gameplay consists in selecting a team of four characters (warrior, mage, adventurer, and thief), collecting objects, earning armour, weapons, solving puzzles, casting spells, kill monstruous creatures. All this efforts while following a path to personal and spiritual development. Bloodwych ruled for a long time the land of Trazere, being responsible for the safety of it. But Zenick turned against his organization, having malefic intentions and wanting to destroy the peace of the realm. You play as the champion of Trazere, with the main objective to put an end to Zenick's evil plan. The interface lacks of diversity, but as you continue playing, this aspect will become insignificant to you, because in fact, this game is pretty enjoyable. The player's interest is maintained by the multiple items he has to discover and find throughout the game, such as: doors, locks, keys, switches, traps, teleporters, messages and magical objects. The scenery is limited and the animations don't exist, but they also have an important role into attracting you in the gameplay, somehow creating a presentable atmosphere. Try Bloodwych now, because you ain't got nothing to lose!

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