RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Fantasy First person Role playing Adventure

Beautiful first person RPG featuring sprawling landscapes

For a game so old to manage to create such sprawling free roaming areas, Drakkhen sure was amazing, and for a game that just began to dabble in these advanced 3D worlds, to still be playable and not taking too much of a toll, you really have to sigh in wonder. Drakkhen is a game that is not only stunning visually for a 1989 product, but it is also a game that managed an unbelievable balance in its gameplay. You can start the game right now and still find that you can play it with not as much as a glance at its manual or at a walkthrough, as it is so self explanatory. Granted, most of the 3D elements are sprites, as in the Wolf 3D games, and thus they will always be facing you, no matter your orientation, but again, this is 1989, when 90 percent of the RPGs were isometric and 3D ones were still heavily based in the Golden Box engine. And of course, building interiors are just that, Golden Box like collections of bi-dimensional cards that can be browsed through, with no intermediary points, but even so, you'll be spending a lot more time adventuring the free roaming open world spaces. So, a really playable precursor to truly 3D games, great looking and amazingly developed for its time.

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