Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox SSI Isometric Fantasy

Appreciable rpg

Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager is a 1994 fantasy role-playing game from a top-down perspective. Its prequel is called Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. The present game borrowed the engine and the general gameplay from the original, but now it surprises us with his improved graphics, sounds music, and details that define the involved characters. I was very impressed by this amazing game, that simply absorbs every RTS lover's attention! The action takes place on a wasteland called Athas, where you command a team constituted by adventurers (known as the Veiled Alliance), that has the mission to defeat the Draxans and the Lord Warrior. Before involving in the solid gameplay and story, you can choose to play as different races like: elf, human, half-elf, dwarf, halfling, half-giant, mul, and thri-kreen, each with his own strengths and stats. The stats must be set to a high degree, for a better performance and image. After you choose the characters that suit best your personal style, you can begin to unravel the misteries that dominate this great game! The puzzles will make you use your brain at high capacities, no matter how intelligent you are. You will be able to cast various and numerous spells, and your power related to this magical aspect will be increased as you advance in the game. If you appreciated the first Dark Sun, you will surely enjoy this game as well!

Could be better

A great game, despite a few glitches which could cause the game to be unplayable. The game world is far richer and larger than in it's predecessor, and with larger sprites, lending the game a more epic feel. There is an integrated character transfer utility so that you can continue directly on from Shattered lands, with the same characters. There are some graphical flaws, sometimes items will disappear behind doors or other items, rendering permanently lost. If you area able to get a working copy, it is well worth playing.

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