Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox SSI Isometric Fantasy

Little known but excellent RPG

An underrated little RPG gem, Dark Sun has enough strong points to overcome its shortcomings and is certainly worth a look for fantasy fans in need of a quick gaming fix. The game takes place in the popular Dungeons and Dragons world of Dark Sun and takes the form of a turn-based RPG with the usual mix of combat, exploration and interaction with background characters. The story here takes place in a sort of post-apocalyptic desert world and revolves around a party of gladiators (controlled by the player) as they escape from captivity and band together to fight the evil Draj, the Sorcerer King, and bring an end to his plans for world domination. The game features the usual array of hideous beasts to battle and characters to talk with, and the well realised world is certainly one of Dark Sun's high points. The environments are refreshingly different from many other RPGs, and this makes exploration both exciting and enjoyable. Combat too is challenging, requiring real strategy, requiring careful consideration of player formation and effective use of spells in order to win. There is a lot of depth on display here, which will please hardcore RPG fans, while the graphics and sound, although not overly impressive, certainly do their job. The story is engaging and all in all, this is a neat little RPG that is sure to please Dungeons and Dragons fans as well as followers of Baldur's Gate and similar such games.

A great underrated RPG

Dark Sun: Shattered Lands is a turn-based role-playing video game that takes place in the Dungeons and Dragons' campaign setting of Dark Sun. This is a game that was supposed to be very popular, but had the misfortune of being released before all the bugs that troubled the game could be taken care of, and by the time the problem was remedied, it was too late. This RPG is set in an post-apocalyptic desert world of Athas (reminding me of the movie Mad Max), and you control 4 gladiators that are forced to battle to the death in the arenas of the powerful sorcerer-king. They must escape this place and free the rest of the cities to form an army and throw back the king. The engine uses a top-down view of the world and the gameplay and user panel is very user friendly. The combat system is extremely detailed and very impressive. What stands out in the game is the great music, perfectly in tune with the game's spirit. I think this game is perfect for all Dnd fans out there as well as for strategy and rpg lovers overall. The bugginess has been resolved, so you can enjoy yourself a great RPG with lots of fun, excitement and adventure. Also, check out the game's sequel, Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager.

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