Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun

RPG 1992 Sega Capcom Isometric Fantasy

RPG game with a good array of features

It is an RPG game with a PC style which can be considered as the lighter version of the fine game Ultima VII. The plot is that an evil beast has transferred your castle into some strange valley in the form of a red-hued world. The dynamics of this fantasy valley or world are quite unique and innovative where you have horizon slopes which go upwards in all the directions and end up in some crimson haze which are at the extreme top. Basically your castle will be under a huge and vast bowl the extent of which can only be speculated. A sun like illuminating object in the middle of the sky illuminates the whole environment. The defense of your castle is getting weaker and weaker and soon the beast will take it over. The last hope is the 4 heroes in which you will be one of them. They will set out into the valley in search of the secrets and allies. They will have to counter different monsters which have been given unique and exciting styles. The weapons and the characters are also very unique unlike other RPG games. There are two modes in which one is the isometric mode where you have turned based combats. There are many other features in this game which I will leave for you to explore as they are quite surprising and innovative.

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