Prophecy of the Shadows

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox SSI Isometric Fantasy

Well polished but unremarkable oldschool RPG

To release a game like this one in 92 was a bit of a drag, on one hand because the game featured mechanics that would only be appreciated by hardcore fans, and on the other because it was a game that told a story that these hardcore fans would have seen in other tens of RPGs. But, for what is worth, the game is well polished, it works as advertised. Given how simple and straightforward it is, it would have been hard for it not to be so clean, as the game is built on the Golden Box engine, so, the interface was already there. Also, you have to understand that this game's graphics were a bit drab and olden even when the game came out. I mean, yeah, in 93 the era of genuine, Doom style 3D was still not the norm (Doom would come out a year later) but then again, there was room for more and the PCs were beginning to become more powerful and more capable. Anyway, if you want to save the world in a mostly nondescript realm, and want to have to deal with turn based fights with Dungeons and Dragons ripped enemies go ahead, the game will deliver. But, I have the feeling you'd have already done that in some other games, and must have had enough of that gig! Want an era specific title that is fresher and more energetic? Try giving Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun a try, it sure is a more personal, and more advanced role player, not afraid to try out a few new tricks.

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