Darwin Dilemma

Puzzle 1990 Dos Inline Design Brainteaser

Evolution like puzzler, but more complex

In a game of Evolution you still play, mainly as you play in this one, on top of a board, within a turns based system and trying to conquer your enemy as best as you can. But your wishes can or cannot be fulfilled, depending on the way you move about, and depending on how you plan to go about doing what you want to get done. At any rate, this version of that gameplay style is much more intense, with a larger board and more pieces in there. It's a game that is all about evolution (thus the name) but the evolution is suggested by increasingly managing to get more abilities as you conquest points on the table. Yep, it's a cool game, a puzzler at its best, as it manages to convey scientific ideas so as to propel itself. Maybe it could have been a little better equipped with a tutorial, but whatever, that is a minor inconvenience for this one. At any rate, you might also like Swap, yet another game with a similar table layout, but ultimately a different beat to this one. So, sure enough, worth looking into.

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