Dawn Raider

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Softstar Entertainment Vertical shooter

Arcade shooter in oldschool style

If you like the games with maps and some tactical managment, Dawn Raider is the game to download. The game is a typical arcade shooter which involves the same old shoot at sight theme and a typical gameplay. The plot is based on the futuristic world where civil wars are going on the enemies are emerging from every side. You have to shoot and blast your way through all of them. The typical gameplay is supported by some good features and by some bad features. Starting with the good features, you have a simple but interactive interface which allows you to cash in on all the in-game options. The interface has been designed in line with the gaming options. The second good feature in the game is that it has a lot of destructive elements in the form of the shooting action, the fighter planes and other weapons of destruction. You can collect power ups and advanced shooting weapons to deal with fighter planes firing missiles. The level designs in the game are distinctive and the bosses at the end of the levels are very tough and have been designed creatively. The game however lacks in term of the variety of the gameplay elements and the action sequences. The controls are also fine but the overall feel of the game is average.

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