Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Konami Vertical shooter

Decently addictive platform game

The game is based on Greek mythology and has the element of variety to it. The plot is that the user will play as a Valorous Knight Popolon whose task is to rescue Aphrodite, the Queen. The queen has been captured by the malicious and evil Hudnos. Well it's a typical top down shooting game which has many evils to counter. The game play is very easy which is I guess a flaw but still the variety of villains keeps your interest going. The villains in the form of knights and balls come from the screen top which you have to shoot and destroy via the use of Knifes and different power ups which you can gather throughout the course of this game. The power ups appear very frequently and include different upgrades and weapons such as double knifes, swords and also include upgrades like Invisibility mode and protection shields. The graphics are average but the game play is quite addictive. It's not what you call a ripper of a game but has what it takes to be a fairly decent time pass game. Platform Games like this one and Dragonball Z can really excite users to like platform games.

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