Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox DMA Design Vertical shooter

Could well have used a little bit more polish...

Menace is an R Type like, the kind that really does a great job, is well playable, has a deep sea (of horrors!) graphical theme but, just lets a few elements out there without the proper polish. For instance, some of the powerups can't be picked up unless you find yourself exactly in fron of them. If you tackle them from behind, while, say, reversing, they don't add to your inventory, which is simply frustrating and the kind of thing that could have easily been solved. Also, the levels themselves seem to have been produced pretty fast, as are the animations which also have some inconsistencies and don't respond fast; it's as if the game hasn't woken up, it's like a slumbering piece of code and graphics, waiting for someone to give it a good shoulder shake. But nope, that won't happen, so, while you'll enjoy it, you'll also be a little annoyed with it, which I guess is an alright price to pay for an otherwise alright game, but a budget type one. Of course, these sidescroller shooters that are there but not quite go on to show you how great the masterpieces are (R Type, yeah!) and make the extra efforts of the developers appear clearer in contrast

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