Death Squadron - Chopper Commando 2

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Gatecom Vertical shooter

Standard slice of arcade action

This is a straightforward enough rip-off of any number of side-scrolling arcade shooters, from the popular Defender, to the more obscure Sopwith, but which adds in enough features to make it worth playing for a brief bit of undemanding fun. The basic premise is simple enough, putting players into the cockpit of a chopper and tasking them with completing a series of basic missions. These are pretty similar and are generally variations on the theme of killing a certain amount of enemies or dropping a bomb in a specific place. Levels are played out over similar-looking and quite basic levels, which are populated only by enemy choppers and the occasional building, but which can be destroyed in spectacular fashion. That's about it for the main gameplay but a few elements do serve to enhance things somewhat and make the game stand out a little. First of these is the mission types, which although limited, do at least provide some kind of variation and add purpose to the action. Secondly, if things are getting too hot for you in the skies, you have the option of bailing out of your chopper, which means that missions can be considered a success, but which will cause you to receive a lower score and which of course requires that you are rescued in time by a friendly helicopter. The game really is all about the high score table so for numbers freaks, this makes for an entertaining enough experience. The controls are simple enough to get the hang of, even without the tutorial mode, allowing you to concentrate on the shooting action, which is satisfying enough. While certainly not a classic, this is good enough when you're in an undemanding mood.

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