Simon the Sorcerer

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Adventure Soft Publishing Third Person Humorous Point and click Fantasy

The astute adventure that made fun of olden literature

A point and click adventure at heart, the first game in the Simon the Sorcerer series is a great adventure game, featuring graphics that seem more pleasing for children but a story ripe with commentary about the late 80's and 90s pop culture, much to the delight of an older generation of players. The story in the game is quirky but fun. You will play as Simon, which is just a normal teenager until his dog uncovers a book of magic, book which also happens to be the door to another dimension. Having nothing better to do, Simon steps into the book portal and finds himself in another world. And this is where the proper game starts. You will have to uncover a lot of mysteries while solving puzzles, finding items and all sorts of other adventure like things will be sent your way. In terms of references the original game throws winks in the direction of Rapunzel, jack and the Beanstalk, another old favorite, Three Billy Goats Gruff and more. Overall, lovers of adventure who have missed this game will find it to be really interesting, while for a younger audience it can be the gateway game to the entire 90s adventure scene. Simon the Sorcerer spawned a lot of sequels and for a good reason, the original was really, really good.

Help Simon the Sorcerer

Simon is your average kid who has a dog. The dog goes into the attic one day and pulls out some old magic tome. Simon starts to read the book and is thrown into the Magical world. Simon must then solve puzzles and become a wizard to get back to his own world. Simon The Sorcerer is an excellent game full of humor and adventure. The graphics are quite good for it's time and the style of humor is quite sarcastic and crude. This game has left many people stumped and confused, but try to think about the situation before consulting a walkthrough!

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