The Legend of Kyrandia: book 3

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Westwood Third Person Humorous Point and click Fantasy

Great finale to a great series

The first two games in this series of fantasy adventures are generally fine experiences which are well worth checking out and this final instalment brings everything to a nicely satisfying finale, so if you are a fan then this is a must play. The gameplay is largely similar to the earlier games and is a sort of King's Quest- or Discworld-style quest which is based on inventory puzzles and exploration. Story-wise, this one puts a neat spin on things by making the villain of the first two games into the hero of this one and allows the jester Malcolm to tell his version of the events which transpired previously. In game terms, this also brings a neat element in that during conversations, the player can decide how truthful to be as well as what Malcolm's general attitude, ranging from bad to good which adds another layer of appeal to proceedings. Another trick to enhance replay value is the way that there are generally multiple solutions to puzzles, allowing for experimentation and inventiveness on the player's part as they seek to find all possible ways around a particular situation. This is an excellent and it's just a shame that there is no subsequent impact on the storyline, which remains constant no matter how you take on puzzles. Visually, the game scores highly, with a well realised fantasy world that contains a lot of striking designs, both in terms of environments and characters, while the story itself is equally well implemented. There is good use of humour in the clever and engaging script, while characters themselves are full of personality and are for the most part, highly memorable. If you've played the earlier games, then this is a no-brainer, but if you haven't do yourself a favour and go back to the beginning, so you can then enjoy this little gem.

Adventure fun and humor with good graphics

The game is the third and the most exciting entry to the Legend of Kyrandia series and has brought even more verity and fun elements in terms of the adventure and humor that it has. You will continue to play as the sarcastic jester Malcolm who was turned into stone through magic but has now resurrected as the lightning struck the stone. Very naturally he has decide to take revenge and this revenge sequel has been supported by some very creative and surprising elements which you will explore in the course of this game. The gameplay is actually pretty much the same which you might have seen in any other game of this vast genre. The wacky lines that Malcolm uses, and the sarcastic nature of the game adds a bit of humor and fun and is very interesting for all age groups. I really liked the voice acting in the game because this feature is normally not well incorporated in the games of this genre. Similarly the graphics as one would expect with an adventure game are very good because of the color combination and the creative patterns and designs. So it has adventure, it has fun and it has the elements of humor which makes it a brilliant adventure.

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