LucasArts Classic Adventures

Adventure 1992 Dos LucasArts Futuristic Pirates Role playing

Package of many Lucas classic adventure games

This game collection is a nice way to catch up with some of the better known titles from LucasArts, but also with some other titles that you might have otherwise missed. Here's the showrunners: Loom, Indiana Jones, Zak McKraken, Manic Mansion, and, of course, Monkey Island. Feel like exploring a few others that aren't as well known? Well, you've got one called Romance, a title using the SCUMM interface, but focused on a date, and a few others that might not be prime examples of LucasArts skill, but that you might like. Now, to take full advantage of this title, make sure you have your DosBox installed and that you brush up on your SCUMM interface, you know the one where you have to select one of the commands from the bottom of the screen and then pick another object or person, to interact with. Yeah, it might be a bit tedious, but old school adventuring takes some getting used to, and some sacrifice. But the reward? A bunch of great adventure games, telling stories that are great and pitting you against all sort of puzzles, sharpening your mind and sometimes tickling your funny bone! So make sure you find good walkthroughs for most of them, or be prepared for some serious noodle baking!

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