Trick or Treat

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox ACA Soft S.L. Third Person Humorous Indie Casual

Be a care assistant in Devilsville!

This adventure sure knows how to spook and at the same time amuse you. You've just had an accident, but it seems, your services are still precious in the other world. What services might these be? Well, catering to the old of Devilsville, because even the nether realm requires the intervention of someone that is willing to take a risk and see himself in a good job, no matter where he's at. And so, Trick or Treat is a nice, rather funny game, even if the content at hand could not be more serious. But the angle of it all is so chosen that you won't mind it. The game, in terms of style and play is a classic point and click adventure, and quite a nice one, with lots of puzzles, well styled and yet again, spooky locales and nice enough. A short game, also, it somewhat works for the recipe, as there are only so many gags you can pull out of this kind of subject. And, so, with that in mind, if you don't mind making fun of the other worlds, this is a game that can offer you that, and is pretty good at it, to be quite frank! It's like a fun infused version of Simon the Sorcerer but in Halloween land. So give it a try, it won't disappoint!

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