Strategy 1996 Dos Psygnosis Organized forces

Awesome real time strategy

It is very much an obscured and a tactical strategy game which will expose you towards a variety of elements both in terms of the gameplay and the plot. The plot is that you will play a squad of Anti Division which needs to tackle terrorist and several other criminals. The game is played in real time. You will be controlling a squad that will conduct a variety of missions including rescue missions, neutralizing terrorists, capturing drug dealers and you will even have to counter an angry professor from MIT which has a huge rifle. The strategic elements in the game comes to play because you should direct your operatives to perform there mission a manner that they rescue all the people from the terrorists and should also avoid bloodshed both sides. So this means that you do not have free hand to kill the terrorists and you should go for the minimal casualties or else you will lose the mission. You can negotiate with the terrorist and go through their history profile. The game also involves a variety of other strategic elements. In terms of the gameplay, its works fine with some very supportive and attractive graphics. A true alternative for this game is Fallen Haven which also gives a lot of strategic elements.

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