Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox MVP Software Science Fiction First person

Stimulating and enjoyable sci-fi strategy experience

Strategy fans on the look out for a stimulating and enjoyable graphic adventure would be well advised to check out this slick little release. It combines tactically challenging combat with inventive puzzling action to create a strong game that is backed up by an intriguing setting. Its sci-fi setting describes how in the 22nd century an elite unit has been established to combat the growing threat of alien invasion, terrorists and unchecked artificial intelligences. It's your task to control this group of enhanced humans through a series of missions that are a good mix of combat, puzzle solving and interacting with various NPCs. The game plays out in first-person perspective, with both movement through the sterile, slick environments and combat being conducted in turn-based fashion. Puzzles are the main focus of things and generally require players to use various objects found throughout their mission in the correct fashion. Combat too requires a fair amount of tactical thinking, with only very limited ammo and health available, and which further enhances the game's thoughtful nature. Shadow Force makes for a highly entertaining little game, with some good variety in its structure and which offers plenty of opportunity for considered play. It might not suit action-hungry gamers, thanks to its emphasis on puzzle solving and with combat being turn-based, but if the slower pace suits you, then there is much to enjoy here. The visuals are simple but well designed and distinctive, and add much to the game's atmosphere, as does the sound which is likewise straightforward but effective. Shadow Force might not be the most challenging game ever but it is put together well and with a lot of care so it is well worth spending some time with.

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