Fates of Twinion

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line First person

Dungeon crawler for the early online world

Unless you're some wunder kid or really want to see this game running again, and can spend the time to create an emulation network, you won't be able to play this anymore. This is one of the early visual style MUDs, which, while advertised for multi user play, also featured, if measly, a single player portion. This portion is the only thing you can see today, and I'll just say that it is unimpressive. It was meant to be more of trainer for multiplayer mode, but today that portion would no longer mean a lot. So, yeah, quite a measly, grind heavy, dungeon crawler, a single player experience that can't be enough to sustain your interest for long. Still, you should give the game a try if you want to see how it looked, but be prepared to abandon it quite soon enough. No, if you want to actually play and get a great experience out of a game like this, download Shadow of Yserbius, this one had a much more meaty single player campaign and it was interesting from many more points of view than this one here.

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