Mission Critical

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Science Fiction First person Puzzle Sci fi

Save the universe

This is a very nice sci fi action adventure game revolved around the anonymous sole survivor of a very important mission crew - a mission that will save not only the Earth, but thousands of star systems in the universe, from total destruction. Though at first the plot sounds typical and worn-out, this game has managed to add much depth, twists and turns to make it the sole moving force of this game and you will want to play it just to find out what happens next. There was even a novel published to continue the story of Mission Critial, called Mission Critical: Death of the Phoenix - A Novel. The game has a simplified and user friendly interface and the gameplay is not very challenging. The puzzles are not difficult, but are extremely interesting. Most of the game consists of 3D renderings with mostly static images and video sequences with live actors (reminding me a lot of Myst pc game). You move in a dynamic point and click style, and the visuals are very good, with excellent depth of texture and great but no obtrusive colors. The voice acting is very believable, too. When all is combined, this is a more than interesting sci fi game that should attract all puzzle and sci fi game lovers. Recommended!

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