Puzzle 1986 Dos IBM Strategic scope

The bones of a maze game!

Dedale, as the name might suggest (Daedalus, anyone?!) is a maze exploration game. It's got really simple graphics that are produced anew each time you start it up. The background is the classic blue that was used extensively in the heyday of the mid 80s DOS. Yep, it's not for those that look for graphical thrills, but if you're in it for the act of exploration (which also, is kind of on the low thrills side, as there are no enemies, but just very complex and huge mazes!) is what drives them to try it. Now, while the levels are created anew with installment, they do share some common ideas; for instance the lines are always driven at 90 degrees, and, if you look closely you are going to find that the game uses, mostly centers, from which the rest of the mazes extend and elongate to create the proper kind of build to the game. More than anything Dedale is fun, in short bursts, which is how it should be played; so overall, for a simple maze game build like this one's if you won't go out of your way to play it for long periods of time, it can definitely keep its own. Else, Pac Man is as thrilling as it ever was for arcade maze exploration and action!

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