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Dice based Poker; with Scandinavian text!

Yatzy is a Scandinavian game, a digitization of the classic dice classic of the same name; you have 5 dice; you roll them, not before setting a wager. After you're done, you get to choose to discard up to 3 of the dice. The idea is to form pairs, three in a row or more dice of the same value. It helps also to have the higher value dice too. So, if your dice are higher in value than the dice of your opponent you win. Rinse and repeat until you lose all your money, or you've gotten the entire sum of money from your enemy! Either way, Yatzy is a cool, well playable game, and it works just fine; graphically it's pretty nice too; the language of the menus and of the other text based info is in this Nordic language, but other than that it has no other things you might consider an issue. Else, a good alternative is Poker, the classic game, where the rules are similar but instead of dice you get to use cards. Which makes for a more advanced, more strategy (and ruse!) inclined game! So, definitely, have both of them in your collection, and they will offer you a beautiful gambling experience!

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