The Fool's Errand

Puzzle 1987 Dos Dosbox Miles Computing Strategic scope

Great game, great puzzles, great variety

This puzzle game has a very unique variety of themes which makes it a classic in this category. The theme here is basically a mix of novel like puzzles, devilish puzzles and some very interesting adventure puzzles. You will be playing as a medieval fool who will be running for people and solving different puzzles. Every puzzle that you will solve will help you unfold more stories which will give you some more interesting and thrilling puzzles. With every puzzle that you solve, you will find a story which has some connection with the previous ones. You will go on this manner and will continue to solve everything that comes your way. All the puzzles in this game are very diverse and they have classic gameplay which is not common with other games in the genre. The graphics are really intriguing and attractive and the level designs are the work of wonderful creativity and innovation. The game supports a very good user interface which is a mix of modernity and simplicity. You will not find such a unique theme that has been implemented with great perfection. So it is a definite recommendation to all the puzzle game lovers. Another good game on my list is Dedale but it is not as good as this one.

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