Puzzle 1989 Dos Gremlin Interactive Strategic scope

Mirror based puzzle; deflect it the right way!

Mindbender is a maze and mirror type puzzler, in which your goal is to deflect a beam of light, and in the process destroy the enemies. Also, while at it, your also want to arrange the mirrors inside in such a way as to transport your beam of light to its ultimate destination, so you can visit the next level. It's a cool, relatively simple puzzler, yet it is well done enough. The 2D one screen mazes look alright, with enough detail, even if the resolution is small. You can rotate and move the mirrors in the level, but there are obstacles, so you have work around these if you are to successfully complete the levels. Another cool thing about this game is that it also adds new elements later on; thus, towards the end the game will include balloons in the equation of the levels, and your solving will have to take them into consideration. Similarly produced, and just as fun can be Alf a top down puzzler/action game, based on a sitcom character from the 80s! Download them both, they are both well done enough.

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