At the Carnival

Puzzle 1989 Dos Miles Computing Tetris variant Strategic scope

Let's all go to the carnival

It's time to head to the fun of the carnival in this collection of circus-style and themed puzzlers that in theory should provide a bunch of entertainment for the gamer who likes to play with words. However, there seems to be something about circus-themed titles which results in less than enjoyable experiences (see also Circus and Circus Attractions). This one includes an extensive line-up of puzzles to choose from, with everything from jigsaws to word searches, sliding block puzzles, crosswords and pretty much everything else you can probably think of. They're all split into different carnival themes, with forty themes to explore and something like 180 individual puzzles to have fun with. The whole affair is very similar to the likes of The Fool's Errand and Are We There Yet? so if you have played either of these titles, you should know pretty much what to expect here. This certainly isn't a bad collection and with the sheer range of puzzle types on display here, most fans should be able to find at least a few that will keep them interested. However, perhaps due to the massive number of games, there are plenty of duff ones among the decent ones, while there is also a fairly hefty dose of repetition, with themes and concepts recycled extensively. This is only to be expected to a certain degree, but it might have been better to reduce the overall number of puzzles and instead concentrate on making them all top notch. The visuals are decent enough, if you can handle the carnival theme so overall, this makes for a pretty solid, if unspectacular puzzle collection.

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