Deep Sea Challenge

Simulation 1999 Windows Expert Software Naval Nature simulation Fishing

Salt water fishing simulator

What makes Deep Sea Challenge stand apart from the mass of other fishing sims out there is the fact that this one is strictly dedicated to salt water fishing. That in my book is an advantage, specialization, and keeping the game confined to the types of fish, types of fishing methods and vistas of the salt waters is thus a plus. In this respect, however, while one might think that this reduces the complexity or the options of the game, you'd be surprised to learn that it is not the case: there are tons of types of fishes, lures, and environments to play in, so, if you want a competent, strict in its nature but still diverse simulation, Deep Sea Challenge will bring it on. Of course, there are more advanced fishing sims out there, in terms of graphics and resemblance to the real sport, but then again, there is something to be said about those older games too: Deep Sea Challenge is simpler, more resilient and also a lot more arcade then Sega Bass Fishing, for instance, but I find that quite refreshing. At any rate, I don't want to sell you this game as a classic or anything, but I would say that for what it sets out to accomplish, it manages a perfectly well rounded job.

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