Blue Water Hunter

Simulation 1999 Windows Encore Nature simulation Fishing

Curious but repetitive fishing sim

Like an underwater version of Deer Hunter or Bird Hunter, this offers an accurate and fairly exciting recreation of a sport that many gamers will never have experienced for real. As such, it is ideal for those curious to try something different. Would-be game fishers have the opportunity to explore six different diving locations, each with their own species of fish and which all present different challenges in order to catch them. A variety of diving equipment is also available to help you out should you need it. Graphically, Bluewater Hunter is fairly impressive, with some nicely detailed fish which are all animated well enough. Sound is minimal, as you might expect from a game set underwater, but those effects which are present are authentic and well done. Unfortunately however, there a annoyances that prevent the game from being anything more than a brief time waster. The control system is awkward and overly complex, with multiple buttons required for even simple actions, which renders things frustrating, but bigger problems are the game's length and its repetitive nature. Across its six locations, the gameplay never changes and soon becomes tiresome, while the lack of complexity and challenge means that this is only really to be recommended for hardcore fishing fans.

Exciting and thrilling underwater adventure

Blue Water Hunter is an exciting underwater hunting pursuit where the goal is to search out the largest gamefish in the world. There are six different diving locations where you will counter different under water predators. You are provided here with a spectacular 3D environment which really makes you feel like being in the middle of some great coral reef. The physics involved in the game is very much realistic where you have to keep a constant control check on the level of oxygen so that you can survive. You have to take help from realistic equipments which are used under water. A Perennial balance needs to be maintained between the usability and the weight while you opt for an equipment. The game play is solid and swift and you can adjust the level of difficultly to your liking. Its an overall great thriller which gives you the true worth of your time and always keeps you interested. Also try Deep Sea Challenge for another exciting underwater challenge.

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