Pro Bass Fishing 2003

Simulation 2003 Windows Infogrames Nature simulation Fishing

Fishing sim, with modern graphics and fun mechanics

Pro bass fishing can be catalogued as a hardcore fishing simulator. It takes into account lots of variables, from the lures you use to the way the fishes will try to escape a hook and the drag of the water, plus other such very specific physical and fishing specific questions. But, the game manages all of them distinctly, without burdening you with none of them, thus creating an experience that is both engaging and relaxing, arcade like. What I can't say I am a big fan of, is the jittery camera, which follows the fish as it is being caught, and it can shake and move quite violently at times, which can be a bit nauseating at times. But, if you use a feedback or haptic controller, you can learn to feel the way your fish moves and its drags and snaps without even looking at the screen, which can be quite exciting. Or, you can use this as a combination, which makes the game even more fun to play. But, for underwater fishing, I prefer on sight type gameplay, the kind that Blue Water Hunter offers where it's you, a diver and the prey caught or not by your harpoon. But, then, again, there are quite a few Pro Bass fishing games out there and you can try out the later ones, which have more graphical options, so you can customize your fishing experience to your liking.

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