Hunter Dan's Bowfishing Survival Gauntlet

Simulation 2004 Windows Great Outdoors Multimedia Nature simulation Fishing

Fish this, baby!

If you're the sort of person who enjoys the likes of hunting games such as Big Game Hunter or Pro Bass Fishing, then this is likely to appeal to you. It's certainly an unusual game and is actually a little more interesting than many hunting games, thanks to the variety and elements of originality. As you'd expect, the core concept finds you out in the wild in pursuit of big fish with little more than your bow and your wits about you. You can choose to explore the environments either on foot or by boat, each of which presents its own challenges and opportunities. There's a wide range of fish to tackle, from tarpon, to sharks to tigerfish, and with each of offering different challenges too and which require careful thinking in order to land successfully. If you're in the Amazon scenario, you'll also have to watch out for alligators, while there's an additional survival mode, and this charges you with catching a specified amount of fish while also worrying about other predators muscling in on the action. As far as hunting games go, this one is actually a cut above most of the poor offerings that are out there. There's a genuine sense of exploration and adventure here, and you really feel like you're wandering around in some remote parts of the world. The twenty fish on offer here might not sound like much, but thanks to the smart AI and challenges presented by landing them, there's enough here to keep you going for some time, especially with the survival mode. The visuals and interface are both effective and overall, this is a good solid bit of fishing fun.

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