Deer Avenger

Sport 1998 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive Shooter

The roles are reversed

Deer Avenger is a game that turns the table on the animal hunting games. While in other hunting games, like one of the Deer Hunter games where you get to hunt deers, in Deer Avenger the roles are reversed: you're a deer who's on a hunt for, well, hunters. Developed by Simon & Schuster Interactive, this parody of hunting games is a short but fun gaming experience. The methods of hunting down your prey is hilarious and each time you kill the same hunter with a different weapon, you'll get a different animation. There are a total of three weapons in the game and three locations. There are seven hunters to take down and none of them are even trying to shoot you down, which is kind of stupid. In order to find a hunter, you need to go from one place or another or search in the location where you are. To discover a hunter in the area you can either call out for them or, I can't believe I'm writing this down, have to fart and the latter seems to attract most of the hunters. The graphics are nicely done, however, even the graphics are cartoony, it's not really recommended for little children for there is quite some cartoon violence thrown in the game. The sound effects are ok and the voice acting is a bit cheesy, but it's not bad. Overall, go ahead and play Deer Avenger whenever you will have the chance.

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