Wings of Fury

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Side scrolling Flight shooter

I can take this Japs anywhere, anytime!

Wings of Fury is a very good old school side scrolling flight shooter game that sets you in the position of a jet pilot on a very important escorting mission. There is a damaged aircraft carrier that is anchored in the middle of an enemy territory and it is your sacred duty and mission to escort the ship and defend it against all hostiles which includes tons of Japanese aircrafts who shoot bullets, torpedos and all kinds of bombs at you and your protege. While mostly arcade, the game also has a touch or realism to it - you have to watch how you're driving your jet and you also have to land to the carrier for fuel and amunition. The most important and best features of the game would definitely be the fantastic visuals (for the time) lots of action without overdoing it and very nice and fun gameplay. While the game doesn't deserve the Best Game ever award I would still consider it a very nice piece of work that will provide a lot of fun for the short while it can be played.

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