Der planer

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Greenwood Entertainment Business Tycoon style Building

Adventure game with beautifully drawn static backgrounds

Der planer is a German game that depicts the life of a couple, their interactions, and their everyday life. A lot of the game takes place in casual settings, around hallways, around their home, at the office and so on. The story, as far as I could tell (I don't speak German) involves some issues that these two have, and thus, they create a plan to spike up their lives, and to re-ignite their former passion. But that's easier said than done, however, not impossible, as you, the player steps in. You have to solve the puzzles and to try to advance the story, while making the right choices to ensure they remain together. It takes a bit of planning and a bit of logic to solve some of these puzzles, but most of them are classic in design, and even if you don't understand verbally what needs to be done, you'll still get a good idea about what needs to be done. At any rate, for Germans this must be a great game to try, if they're adventure fans. The drawings are handled by a well known German cartoonist, a thing that is visible from the get go.

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