Descent: Freespace - The Great War

Action 1998 Windows Volition First Person Futuristic

Perfect flight simulation

It is a spaceflight simulation which has a serous amount of action in it. The plot is that you have been a renowned pilot of an intergalactic alliance and have an old enemy here. But this time another menace has attacked both of your race and your enemy race and you should now join hands to take the menace down. The enemy is advanced in terms of the weaponry and you still need to fight with a strategy to defeat them. Having said that, the game gives you a large variety of weapons and bombs which you will use in these space dogfights that really get destructive every now and then. You also have capships in the game on both your side and on the side of the enemy. So you also need to protect these capships from the enemy. Every action sequence in the game has been animated quite well as the game has some very good graphics and creativity. The A1 is competitive and can even get tough sometimes. All the levels in the game have their different dynamics and nothing seems to be repeated. Descent 2 is another classic action game with good dynamics.

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